Monday, February 11, 2008

HOTT Armies

Just a note to say that I have got my latest set of moulds back. The first comment is - it really is great to be able to produce a Stygian chariot from 1 mould instead of having to use 5. The next thing is that I am starting to go through some of the pricing structures for army deals based on these moulds. The first few are already on my site, more will be following over the next few days. Suggestions always welcome.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Samurai Pictures

Well, I've posted a few better pictures of my Samurai. Why? Because Greg Horne wanted to see them.

Remember, click on a photo to get a much larger version of it.

The first photo shows some of the figures in my figure case. You can see a group of mounted; and, on either side of them are foot.

The foot has Samurai in the front, followed by some Monks, with Ashigaru in the rear.

The other photos show both a front and rear view of a cavalry stand and a stand of Samurai.

While these figures are all by Ral Partha, the sashimonos are from what used to be Dixon (but I believe that this line was sold to another company). I used a pin vise to drill holes to fit them in.

For the last four photos, I've proped on edge of the base up in order to get a better angle on the photos.

Yes, you're correct, the prop is just an ordinary pencil. What did you expect? Something fancy?

While I'd like to claim the credit for painting these figures, I actually traded a Roman army to a fellow in exchange for his painting these.

I'd happily tell you his name, but it was well over 20 years ago and I simply don't remember it. He was another local gamer, not a professional painter.

Sadly, they were painted for WRG 7th . . . but by the time I got them back from the painter, I'd quit playing WRG.

I did get them on the table once . . . for a game of "Warrior" (a sort of WRG 7.5 rewritten to eliminate the "Barkerese").

I'm pleased to report that they did win that single battle . . . but they've been put away since then.

Once I finally get everything unpacked, I will probably see if I can find some rules that I like and get them on the table again.

-- Jeff