Monday, February 11, 2008

HOTT Armies

Just a note to say that I have got my latest set of moulds back. The first comment is - it really is great to be able to produce a Stygian chariot from 1 mould instead of having to use 5. The next thing is that I am starting to go through some of the pricing structures for army deals based on these moulds. The first few are already on my site, more will be following over the next few days. Suggestions always welcome.


Bill McHenry said...

Rob - Just a thought, but you might consider offering three levels of Army Deals. One for DBA, one for HoTT and one for more conventional WRG/Might of Arms/DBM. I feel sure that some of our members would be glad to assist in developing lists or pack contents.


Xaltotun of Python said...

I'm looking to put as many different options as possible out. I'm always happy to listen to suggestions for general 'deals'- both HOTT and DBA, DBM I only have the 2nd edition book 1 lists, all the rest are 1st edition, my son Steven has the rest!

Greeks should be available as deals as soon as I get round to working them out, I'll also do DBA armies for most of the other nationalities I do.

HOTT, again expect Hykranians, Corinthians, Nemidians, etc, soonish - just a matter of working them out.

What would really be of benefit would be ones like Might of Arms or some of the Warhammer ones as I don't have those rules. Literally, any suggestions emailed to me are liable to appear!