Monday, January 21, 2008

Jeff's Photos

I tried taking a few photos of some of the Ancients armies that I've got in my display case . . . but sadly most were pretty blurry.

(Remember to 'click' on the photos to see larger verstions.)

One that did turn out shows some of the mounted troops of my Feudal Spanish army.

Most of the Moorish cavalry and all of the foot are elxewhere, but it does give some idea of the army. Figures are mostly 25mm Ral Parthas.

The second photo (not as sharp, I'm afraid) is of my Samurai army. Again these are 25mm Ral Parthas.

I still don't know what army I would like to play . . . or even if I want to take the time from my Lace Wars projects . . . but these photos should at least let you know that I do have some Ancients (actually I've got an awful lot of them . . . but most are still packed away).

-- Jeff

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Orders of Battle, Army lists?

I recall seeing a post which listed some links to various concepts for the army lists for Hyperboria ... but I can't find it now?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Gazetteer of Hyboria

Came across the following link, looks useful.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Sealed Temple, first raid ....

A brief battle report ... no pictures, I'm afraid.
But a quick skirmish ...
At Pigg's Eye Land

Friday, January 11, 2008


Okay, we've barely started, and there's no need for a bubble map yet.
But, where are those Crow clan Picts located? North, middle, south in their range?
Perhaps my Flying Pig or Crashing Boar Picts would ... ah ... interact with them?
Or if they're in the south land, would they like to join Pigg's Eye Land in raiding into Zangoria?
Or would somebody like to resolve a collision between us ... as either party could be doing a slave raid on the other ....
Just to stir things up a tad ..

Thursday, January 3, 2008

To Jeff, But Might Be Of Value To Others

I have taken the time to give Jeff's earlier post some more thought (along with the comments received), and would like to offer the following suggestions, for what they're worth:

Off of the top of my head, my currently painted 25mm Ancient armies are:

Greek Hoplites - Corinth
Alexandrian Imperial - Corinth
Syracusan - Ophir, Koth, Corinthia
Carthaginian - Ophir, Koth
Feudal Scots - Nemedia
Feudal Spanish - Zingara
Samurai - Khitai

I know that I have unpainted lead for these 25mm armies:

Ancient Indian - Vendhya
Illyrian - Corinth?
Gauls - Hyperborean or Cimmerian
Early Imperial Romans - Argos
Ayyubid Egyptian - Iranistan
Knights (3/4 painted) - Aquilonia or Nemedia

In 15mm I have the following painted armies:

New Babylonians - Shem
Greek Hoplites (early & late) - Corinth
Late Imperial Romans - Argos
Franks/Goths - Hyperborean?
Arab Conquest - Iranistan or Turan, depending on makeup
Medieval German Kn - Aquilonia, Nemedia or Brythunia

This should give you some general ideas, and you can always add a few "specialty" or command figures that really make the army "fit" the profile. You could even combine troops from some armies to create a Kingdom. Check out some of the Hyborean links to the right if you haven't already Jeff.

Sir William

Some pictures of my troops

I finally got a digital camera and took some pictures of my troops. As i learn to handle the camera better i will be posting additional pictures.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Picts of the Hooded Crow

I have begun a blog for my Picts of the Hooded Crow warband. Currently they are being mustered for a WAB skirmish campaign, but they will likely see service against a variety of oponents including some Fantasy types.

The Picts of the Hyborean Age were definitely an inspiration for them.

Pigg's Eye locale

Since this set seems to focus upon the Hypberborean period, I've flagged a spot from which I could enjoy my Medievals, Byzantines, Turbans, and even some of my Dark Ages figures.
However, most of my gaming, being solo, will actually be on the matrix I drew up a couple of years ago which vaguely represents positional relationships somewhat analogous to Europe ....
Anyway, one can take a gander at the map at Pigg's Eye