Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year's Welcome From The Great Hall

As we enter this Year of the Rat, or the 8th Year of the 2nd Millenium of the Modern Era, Let us all follow these words of wisdom once spoken by The Great Philosopher, "Live Long and Prosper!"
I thank you all for visiting The Great Hall and hope that your New Year brings you favor from the Gods, old and new, and that you each enjoy the Year in your own way and time. Here in the Great Hall we have declared that the trumpets shall sound in the New Year, and shall celebrate the establishment of this Hall. Let the cups overflow, the wenches be warm, and the merriment begin!
Sir William

Happy New Year - when it comes...

Best wishes to you and yours for 2008! The drawing was done by Anna my daughter and depicts her Aunt,Uncle and dog we shall be dining with tomorrow!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Taifa of Allives

In the northern part of Zamora, in the mountains where Zamora meets Brythunia and Corinthia, lies the feared Taifa of Allives. Ruled by the iron hand of al-Saffah, known in the west as "the shedder of blood". Raiding into Corinthia and Brythunia al-Saffah has amassed a great deal of wealth. From here, his black robed worshipers of the Spider Gods.

This will be my contribution to the site....

The kingdom of Adessa

I include on the map the location for the Kingdom of Adessa. Should you wish to find out more please see the Kingdom Blog...

The World of Hyborea

Above you will see a map of the World as We know it, brought to us by a traveler to The Great Hall. It should be noted that some of the Territories or Realms depicted actually have more than one people or sovereign. For instance, the Ghazi of Turan only occupy the northern reaches of that land. Their capital city is Shahpur and their Realm only extends southward as far as Akif and the southern banks of the Ilbars River and its delta. It is for certain that there are Turanian Sultanates to the south, but they have not chosen to reveal themselves in this Hall as of yet. Viewers may click on the map to view it in greater detail if they wish.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pigg's Eye Land

Just started piggseye/
I'll need to start new map ...

fantasy and Medieval leads ...
Crusades, Hundred Years War, etc. , Normans (Aquilonians)
Elves, Half Elves, Orcs and goblins of course ....
in 15's I've got Byzantines, Hoplites, and Alexandrian / Successor and a fantasy Medieval force.
In plastics: each probably big enough to field a DBA army (which I hate, btw)
Hoplite Greek, Imperial Romans, Crusades / 100 years war, Saracens, Mongols,
Gaul / barbarians, Vikings (old Giant of Hong Kong figures)

My Ancient Armies


I'm not sure if I'll take an active part in the "Kingdoms of Antiquity" group blog or not . . . but I'm starting to think about it.

Off of the top of my head, my currently painted 25mm Ancient armies are:

  • Greek Hoplites
  • Alexandrian Imperial
  • Syracusan
  • Carthaginian
  • Feudal Scots
  • Feudal Spanish
  • Samurai

I know that I have unpainted lead for these 25mm armies:
  • Ancient Indian
  • Illyrian
  • Gauls
  • Early Imperial Romans
  • Ayyubid Egyptian
  • Knights (3/4 painted)

In 15mm I have the following painted armies:
  • New Babylonians
  • Greek Hoplites (early & late)
  • Late Imperial Romans
  • Franks/Goths
  • Arab Conquest
  • Medieval German Knights

All of the above are full armies (at least 200 figures -- often far more). Generally they are based ala WRG (I played 7th Edition for far too long), although the Feudal Scots and Alexandrian Imperial armies are based for WAB.

I also have several smaller DBA-size armies . . . and I'm probably forgetting several since I really haven't played much in the way of Ancients for twenty years or so.

If I do participate in the Kingdoms of Antiquity, what would I want to play?

Suggestions welcome.

-- Jeff

Friday, December 28, 2007

Iranistan Blog

Information about the Kingdom of Iranistan can be found at

Please visit our kingdom and feel free to comment.

Kingdom of Adessa

Gentlemen please have a look at my new Blog

Once you have travelled there ,across the sands and over the mountains you will find us.
I hope you find it interesting and do please comment...
Once I get some available time, I plan on adding a couple of armies to this mix. Haven't decided which I'd prefer to work with but my choices are:

Painted (but not really this period):
Republican Romans

Christian Spanish

I'll take a look at the Hyborian wars sites and see what I can match up with what. I plan on using the WAB rules for these armies. Comments welcome!

Greetings and Salutations

We bring gifts from the Great Bilzanes, Shah of Iranistan. We hope that you will enjoy these delicious fruits and fine wine from our capital city of Anshan. In addition, for your amusement we have brought one of the great beasts of our country known as an elephant.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Welcome To The Great Hall!

Welcome one and all to the Great Hall, meeting place for the sovereigns, visiers and potentates that represent the Kingdoms of Antiquity. If you wish to take a seat in the Great Hall, simply foward a dispatch to Sir William with your bona-fides requesting inclusion among this Hallowed Company.

Those who do not have a brave courier at hand with a suitable steed may employ that dark art known as e-mail and send it to stating your name, the name of your Kingdom (we'll get to physical locations later), and a link to your own blog (if such already exists). Your particulars will then be added to the links viewable on this site and you may post to introduce yourself to the assembled Host.

Sir William