Monday, May 5, 2008

The Fall of Pigg Hollow

I was setting up a game for Pigg Hollow .... using my old lead 25's.
Alas, I fell ... breaking the tubs and trays holding the figures!
Now I'll have to resort some 2000 figures and buy new trays before I can game with them again!


billb said...

sad to hear about that. hope there wasn't too much damage.

Frankfurter said...

What I'm really afraid of, since the fall occurred outside, is that some of the irreplaceable figures have been lost ...

Bluebear Jeff said...


My hope is that YOU are alright . . . I know that your health is chancy and falls are not good things.

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

I'm doing better, though it did leave me a tad sore and shook up ... the problem is that I've no endurance and need an extra nitro each day.
I've got the figures and terrain boxes for my next EvE game beside my chair, but haven't been able to set it up since then.
I have been getting back to painting, though, a little bit every other day.
God knows, your health seems so vigorous that nobody, I think, can really deal with it when it suddenly collapses on you. The doctors, however, hold out hope for a substantial recovery for me in the long haul.