Monday, January 21, 2008

Jeff's Photos

I tried taking a few photos of some of the Ancients armies that I've got in my display case . . . but sadly most were pretty blurry.

(Remember to 'click' on the photos to see larger verstions.)

One that did turn out shows some of the mounted troops of my Feudal Spanish army.

Most of the Moorish cavalry and all of the foot are elxewhere, but it does give some idea of the army. Figures are mostly 25mm Ral Parthas.

The second photo (not as sharp, I'm afraid) is of my Samurai army. Again these are 25mm Ral Parthas.

I still don't know what army I would like to play . . . or even if I want to take the time from my Lace Wars projects . . . but these photos should at least let you know that I do have some Ancients (actually I've got an awful lot of them . . . but most are still packed away).

-- Jeff


tradgardmastare said...

great to seee Jeff . Thanks for posting your photos....

Frankfurter said...

Nice work ... my old Ral Partha figures are in pretty sad condition!

Bill McHenry said...

Very nice Jeff! I love the old Partha's. In fact, when I was accumulating the figures for my "hoard" of Vikings/Barbarians, I bought about 60 more of the Partha's from Iron Wind Metals and they are great. Iron Wind has put everything in new molds and the quality is great. They will also work with you on getting their quantity discount, which lowers the cost to 90 cents per foot figure. I just wish someone would bring back the old Citadel Dark Ages range which Partha used to distribute and was completely compatible with the Partha figures. Apparently the rights went to GW and they "buried" them. I found about 30 figures second-hand through Fanaticus, but would love to have more.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I will probably get some Zulus from Iron Wind at some point . . . but I don't like to get something for a project other than the one I'm currently engrossed in . . . or I tend to be fickle and switch.

-- Jeff