Saturday, April 19, 2008

War between Corinthia and Nemedia

A Corinthian army under the command of Pyros the Maniac invaded Nemedia and defeated forces under the command of Maximus Dentius near the village of Numalia Minor. details can be seen at


Frankfurter said...

Somewhat open?
Man, that plain was as featureless as Gaugemela was!
Of course, as a Mountain William myself, I'm much more used to much more active terrain ... lots of hills, trees, and deep gullied streams, and houses strong enough to survive a feud or two ...

Frankfurter said...

BTW, did you like the rules
Fields of Glory?


billb said...

we did have some terrain, but it except for the village it was all on the south edge of the battlefield. we liked the rules. they are a lot clearer than the dbx series.