Friday, December 28, 2007

Once I get some available time, I plan on adding a couple of armies to this mix. Haven't decided which I'd prefer to work with but my choices are:

Painted (but not really this period):
Republican Romans

Christian Spanish

I'll take a look at the Hyborian wars sites and see what I can match up with what. I plan on using the WAB rules for these armies. Comments welcome!


Bill McHenry said...


Don't completely discount your Macedonians and Romans. The Macedonians could probably be fielded as an army of a Corinthian state and the Romans should work for an army of Argos.

Sir William

billb said...

As Bill said, the Macedonians and Romans can be used. Tony's original campaign had everything from New Kingdom Egyptian to medieval. The army I am fielding is based on the post Maurikian reform Byzantine, though I had considered Graeco-Bactrian from the 3rd century B.C. due to the elephants that are supposed to be in Iranistan