Friday, December 28, 2007

Iranistan Blog

Information about the Kingdom of Iranistan can be found at

Please visit our kingdom and feel free to comment.


Bluebear Jeff said...


Did you know that you can make your URL an actual link?

When you create (or edit) a post, simply highlight the link and click on the funny icon to the right of text color (they go -- text size, bold, italic, text color, link, then formatting, etc.).

-- Jeff

billb said...

thanks, jeff

Bill McHenry said...

Where did you get the great map from? I would like to find the maps for Asgard and Turan.

Sir William

billb said...

under regional maps. has several of turan, but not of asgard. there is a whole world map by the same person that has asgard in the section above under vincent's maps

Bill McHenry said...

Thank you, Oh Esteemed One!